The past 34 weeks

34 weeks. That's about 8 months. It's only starting to feel a bit more real now that I'm 2 days away from going on maternity leave, and possibly less than 2 weeks to welcoming them into our world. Here are a few (random) thoughts that I want to share from the past 8 months: 

  1. Document the journey, whichever way you fancy - publicly, privately, digitally or analog-style. I discovered the Moleskin baby journal  and it's been a great companion to date, for penning down thoughts, musings and the likes. Makes for a great memento many years down the road.
  2. Nature has a funny way of preparing you for the sleepless nights ahead ... by ensuring you wake up every 2 hours or so to go to the bathroom, especially during the 3rd trimester.
  3. Cravings and tastebud changes are not a myth. I never used to like sparkling water that much, but now, ice cold (sparkling) water with plenty of ice cubes is enough to keep me happy throughout the pregnancy!
  4. Borrow some. Generally you will have friends who are more than happy to pass on some clothes that might fit you during your pregnancy. I've been very lucky to have received a few of those from my girlfriends which lasts me till now, though if you fancy a wide variety and choice of clothes this might not be for you! ASOS Maternity is a great option for finding decent, comfortable and affordable maternity clothes to supplement that. 
  5. Invest in a good pair of shoes/sandals. Sadly by my 6th month, I could no longer fit into my red trusty TOMS shoes. Birkenstocks is a great alternative - fantastic support and super comfortable.
  6. Stay active. Active is relative for different people, but I found it useful to keep some level of exercise going during this period, and to keep walking for as long as it feels comfortable. Como Shambhala offers excellent pre-natal classes (especially those taught by Sarah) in a very calm, pleasant setting. 
  7. At the same time, slow down when you have to...especially during the 3rd trimester when the physical weight takes a toll on the body. I definitely have a lot more empathy now than before when it comes to pregnant women...
  8. Despite everything, pregnancy surprisingly IS pretty enjoyable. Especially with the support of a partner, understanding workplace and colleagues, family, and friends. So much so I am strangely dreading my last day of work before going on leave. 

So there!