The other side of parenting

Many of you have asked how it has been becoming a new parent and managing twins. 

Meeting the twins for the first time 5 weeks ago was like what every parent would say - an incredible experience and feeling. We are very grateful that it was a relatively smooth delivery considered that they arrive prematurely (twins generally arrive prematurely anyway but ours came even prior to their planned date). 

I thought I was very ready to take them on, armed with a few books, and Google for any other questions I might have. I only saw the fun side of being a parent - perception partly shaped by cute baby / toddlers photos that friends post on FB. Even diaper changing sounds fun - we could make a game out of it, and see if we can change diapers for twins in record time. 

But amidst all the upsides of having a new bundle of joy, there's also a new reality which new parents get thrown into which we very quickly learned.

  1. It's a shock to the whole system, physically and emotionally. The first few days back at home felt like a train wreck, even with the full-time help of a nanny (to whom we owe our sanity to!). I seriously underestimated the amount of work and help managing twins require. 
  2. Life, at the moment, revolves around 3-hour feeding blocks. Ideally, 1 hour to feed them, and 2 hours for me-time. Reality is far from that, most times it takes 1.5 hours to finish the feed and to burp them (who knew burping infants is such an art?!), and by the time they are at ease, it's time to prepare for the next feed. And by the time I know it, the day's gone. 
  3. It is an emotional rollercoaster, meltdowns and all. Some days are good, I feel things are manageable and in control. Some days are just absolutely draining. 

But everyday, I marvel at their growth -  just 5 weeks down the road, they have almost doubled their birth weight and now weighs around 4 kg each. They are still fragile little beings to handle, especially those necks and heads but compared to when they were just born, they are much substantial to carry now. They are much more alert, and their eyes wander around a lot more. They are growing some serious cheek muscles and generally fattening up, making up for their early arrival, which is very satisfying to see. Those legs, while small (but long), are extremely strong for their size, and those lungs are put to good use when they cry, at times amusing (only for a short while) especially when they cry at the same time . Occasionally when I hear a loud cry, and I check on them, they lie so still it's as if they are playing a prank on me. 

And that's just from the first month. Everyone says how fast babies grow and to cherish their first few months. I certainly do, but at the same time I also can't wait till they can walk, run off in their little scooters or their little bicycles.