Between Home and Home - New exhibition at Objectifs

Last night, I checked out the opening of this photography exhibition at Objectifs as part of the NOISE Mentorship Program which features the works of 14 young artists. One that particularly resonated with me was "LINDA" by this young photographer Louisa Violet Ong. While her experience is personal, the theme of love, loss and grief is universal and hit close to home for me - with a tinge of regret. In her artist statement, she writes:

Through photography, I tried to reconstruct these moments of grief and confusion. In the process of framing my past and present, I learnt to cope with the loss. The strong bond between mother and daughter can never be broken, even with death. LINDA is a visual record of my grief and an ode to my mother.

Majority of the works are displayed in the Objectifs Chapel, but also outside of the Chapel (sTRAPPED - a lovely series by Alexandria, fellow Trehaus-mate), and in two other buildings (which I missed out on). The exhibition is only up for a few weeks, so check it out while you can. 

Between Home and Home (Feb 16 - Mar 12)
155 Middle Road
Singapore 188977