Of colours and prints - MASE

MASE is an art-inspired fashion and lifestyle brand founded by a fellow Trehaus co-worker. It was interesting to understand from Mae, the designer behind the label, her thought process in designing her products, which includes the signature clutches and tote bags, as well as her inspiration behind the prints and the colours. 

For the recent launch of the MASE Resort Summer'17 Totes, I was delighted to have the opportunity to collaborate with them to produce a number of lifestyle images to promote the collection. Mae shared a bit more about the story of this collection here. My personal favourite? This, and this from a previous collection. 

They're having a sale now for some of their totes, so if you're anything like me and could always do with an extra tote bag in hand, and believes in supporting small businesses, hop over to their website or check them out on IG @maseartworld