At 9 months

I didn't expect babies at this age to be this much fun. This must be my favourite phase so far - they actually feel more "human" now and very interactive. I've stopped reading the "What to Expect" series and started letting them surprise me with their development. I watched how they learn new skills every day - flipping, crawling, then crawling very fast, and now wriggling and pushing themselves up to sit - which is a lot of effort on their part to figure that out. 

Alexis loves to crawl (well actually, bulldoze) across Sienna when they have their playtime on the floor. Sienna loves to practice sitting up, while Alexis prefers to seek out new corners of the apartment. They giggle at everything (have you seen this?). It cracks them up when we hide under their high chairs. They giggle at each other and they lick off each other's fingers at mealtimes when it's within reach. Exploring new tastes/food/flavours for the first time almost everyday - how often does one get to do that? 

Watching them grow up is a daily reminder of how fast time flies. Only 9 months old, yet it felt like much longer since the day we brought them home. There were some dark days in the first 2-3 months - so to the new parents out there who are having a difficult phase with your newborn, remember - this too shall pass.