First German Words

German is not the easiest language to pick up, but a 2-month stay is more than enough to pick up a few essential vocabulary. 

  • Jause (yau-zer) - Snack. Can also refer to a lunch snack (e.g. a schnitzel roll). You don’t wanna forget this word…
  • Bitte (bee-teh) - Please. The loveliest sounding word in German that I know (so far). 
  • Morgen (mor-gen) - Morning
  • Danke schon! (Dan-ke-shoon!) - Thank you!
  • Sehr gut (seeeeeeeer goot) - Very good.
  • Wie geht’s (vee-getz) - How are you? / How’s it going?
  • Strasse (strass-ser) - Street
  • Hohn (hoon?) - Chicken
  • Kuh (coo) - Cow. Learnt this word from EB while hiking…after I stepped on the kuhfladen (cow dung) 
  • Foehn (foon?) - a (windy) weather symptom that causes headaches
  • Billa (bi-la) - my favourite supermarket :) they have nice jause!
  • Spar (shh-par) - Save. 2nd favourite supermarket! Close tie with Billa, but Billa has better veggie selection, so….
  • Eingang: Entrance
  • Ausgang (aus-gang): Exit
  • Damen: Ladies. VERY important to avoid going to the men’s restroom…it was quite useful that the spelling somewhat resembles “door” in Chinese which helped in remembering this…
  • Herren: Men/Male
  • Tschus (choos): Informal bye bye. Sounded like “cheers”, for a long time I thought it was!
  • Gruss gott (grus got): Hello. Used a lot when meeting fellow hikers while hiking or at the shops
  • Servus (sehr-voos): Hello. For friends?
  • Genau (geh-nau): Exactly. I hear this everywhere.

and of course, made famous by Heidi Klum on Project Runway,

  • Auf Wiedersehen (owf-vee-der-se-hen): Goodbye