Botanist at Neil Road

On a weekday morning before the lunch hustle, this unassuming and welcoming spot along Neil Road was quite the perfect find for a pitstop. It feels almost like a secret garden, with a lovely patio filled with vertical gardens.

Enter via the side alley as the main entrance has been blocked off (for good reasons as you will see). 


Address: 74 Neil Road, Singapore 088839
Hours: Tue - Sun, 8am - 6pm

A Look at the Austrian Cuisine

A Look at the Austrian Cuisine

Over the years of visiting Austria, I've had a chance to savour a variety of home-style Austria food usually prepared with lots of fresh produce from the vegetable garden. There is a fair amount of meat, but equally, there's an abundance of delicious non-meat dishes and recipes. Here's a look at a few personal favourites: 

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