NÓNG (农) at Hort Park

NÓNG (农) is the retail arm of Edible Garden City and recently set up a very inviting space at Hort Park, which in itself is very charming to visit, with nicely sculpted gardens.

I was there earlier this week and loved the space - apart from being a one-stop shop for people who are looking to start to grow your own food, the team behind Nong has also curated it to be conducive for workshop and talks that they hold on urban farming. I also love the fact that they are also looking to put together workshops for corporate team-bonding / off-sites, sounds just like the perfect escape from the office. 

I have a lot of admiration for these guys for doing what they do and for championing the grow your own food movement in Singapore. There are lots of ways to support a home-grown social enterprise - find out more about booking a workshop for your next team-bonding/off-site, buy something from the retail store, or simply tell someone you know who might enjoy this about this relatively new space. 


Address: 33 Hyderabad Rd, Singapore 119578
Hours: Open Daily, 10am - 5pm (Closed on Wednesdays and Public Holidays)