Making Homemade Jams

Making Homemade Jams

If you look into the kitchen of an Austrian home, you'll notice many home-made items. Jams, herbs, syrup are some of the most common ones. I’ve grown so accustomed to buying things off the shelves at the supermarket (even if it’s not seasonal produce), that it’s quite refreshing to come here and enjoy so many items that are home-made and in season. Each bottle jam / syrup / oil etc would be carefully labelled and dated, and they make great gifts too. 

Here we have some peach and mango jam in the making. My favourite so far is the apricot + ginger jam. Recipe is a keeper!


  • 2 parts fruits, 1 part ‘special jam-making sugar’ (need to find the translation for the German label). 

  • Optional: a little bit of fresh lemon juice, only if the jam turned out to be too sweet. 


  • Slice the fruits into small chunks, and combine with the sugar in a big pot

  • Stir for 20-min or so until the mixture starts to boil and become rather goo-ey

  • Use a blender and blend the jam mixture in the pot. Leave small chunks if you prefer your jam with bits of fruits (I do)

  • In the meantime, prepare the jam bottles by warming up the bottles (without bottle caps) in the oven (around 80 degrees celcius). Separately, boil the bottle caps to sterilize them.
  • Add lemon juice if jam is too sweet.
  • Once the jam has reached a good consistency, transfer to the warm bottles and bottle up immediately.
  • Leave overnight, label, enjoy!
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