A year on

It was last year this time when I arrived in NYC with bags of enthusiasm, and a sense of acute curiosity as to how the year ahead would pan out. With the passing of a full year, this will go down as one of the most incredible years I’ve had. Seen a lot, experienced a lot, and worked a whole damn lot too:

  • Completed the 42-mile (~70K) NYC 5 Boroughs Biking Event

  • Completed the Nike 10K Human Race

  • Attended many great concerts including: Explosions in the Sky, Nada Surf, Death Cab for Cutie, Yael Naim, The Verve, All Points West (Radiohead, Kings of Leon) and Aqualung

  • Visited San Francisco, Boston, Washington D.C, Connecticut and Vermont

  • Tried skiing and snowboarding for the 1st time

  • Caught my 1st Broadway musical - Chicago

  • Completed my first formal guitar course

  • Volunteered at the Tribeca Film Festival

  • Participated for 2 seasons of pool league lol

  • Attended 3 US Open matches and saw Nadal, Djokovic and Serena Williams in action

  • Went for a “JT Leroy” bookreading and saw her upclose and personal

  • Welcomed a slew of visitors including Vikram, Eunice, Derrick, Julie and Guoyi

  • Celebrated the victory of Obama at Times Square when it happened

What’s amazing and exhilarating is that this feel just like the beginning, and that I’ve barely scratched the tip of the iceberg - there’s more places to explore, more stories to uncover and projects to embark on. Sure, there are things about this city that frustrates me sometimes such as the dirty subways and the notorious way people drive, but these are things that are woven into the fabric of the society and in no way overshadow the magic of the city and how incredible it feels to have the crossroads of the world at your doorstep.

What's your New York story?

New York Magazine had a wonderful (recent) feature on memories of people who moved to New York, either recently, or as far back as 30-40 years ago. For a city who currently has over 50% of residents who are not native to New York, this article must have resonated with many, as it did with me and something which I like to say about New Yorkers – everyone has a story. 

Mine began on Nov 23, 2007 and to-date it’s still fresh in my mind. True to what the writer said:

“And everyone, in one way or another, fell in love—with men, women, hot dogs, drugs, even the subway (vampires be damned), and, of course, with New York, a city you never just move to. Because you always remember the day you arrive.”

Read the full article here, which also consists of a section where notable (ex) New Yorkers including Maggie Gyllenhaal, Rufus Wainwright and Diane Von Furstenberg shared their stories.

January in NYC

With so much going on in this amazing city, there’s something new to do each week, to explore, to see, to eat, and to learn.

The fabulous Greenwich Village. The walk along Bleecker Street (which has a couple of records stores and where I picked up a Radiohead and a Beatles posters). Snowboarding in Vermont. I’ve laughed a month’s worth during this trip. 6 hours drive upstate, amazing conversations, good food by Chef HL, Freezing weather where I had my wet hair literally frozen as a result of running back from the ski resort’s club house back to our house, and of course, a few friendships that formed along the way.

Then there was the dinner with the housemates. It finally happened now that everyone’s settled in and not travelling. Dinner was at this Italian restaurant (Don Giovanni) just a few blocks away. So here we are, Ashley, Sona, and myself, all so similar (25, females, career-minded, loves a bit of fun), and yet so different at the same time (fashion designer, finance-chic, and advertising, Caucasian, Indian, Chinese). And of all places, we met through Craigslist.

Life is New York City is off to a good start.